Leadership and Company

Your abstract should be one paragraph and should not exceed 120 words. It is a summary of the most important elements of your paper. All numbers in the abstract, except those beginning a sentence, should be typed as digits rather than words. To count the number of words in this paragraph, select the paragraph, and on the Tools menu click Word Count.

Critical Thinking Assignment
Cliffside Holding Company of Massapequa (CHCM) is a company that has been run for over 50 years. This company has compiled and thought of a bigger plan to help the company in its growth to help the company become more successful in the future years. An idea was proposed to start a leadership education course for the junior executives so that they may grow in to higher position. A memo was created by the Vp of human resources to show whether they support the idea that was proposed by………

The memo is to show facts from the VP why this program was not credible within the business. With this paper, I hope to show that with my critical thinking and using the critical thinking model that I have found the memo is based upon fallacies and is not a good idea to consider for the growth of CHCM.

What are the Issues and Conclusion?
CHCM has proposed to create a leadership-development program to prepare junior financial executives for future advancement into executive positions. They are proposing that this advancement in education will cost about approximately $5,000.00 per junior executive a year. There will be 20 participants selected so it will total approximately $1,000.00. Annually. The Vice president of human resources sees this as a negative towards the company because their goal is always thrive in their competitive market. The vice president also sees this as a hindrance because it is believed that leaders are self-made meaning born with natural leadership and cannot be created or coached by teaching a series of courses.

In conclusion, to the memo the vice president wants to believe that all positions filled for future executive should be from potential employees that are self-made, the future employees that the company would hire would possess the characteristics needed for the position applying for that certain position..

CHCM is already profiting and should not have to provide a higher education to get those prepared for higher positions. By offering this it takes money away from the company and the funds that they accrue. It was also observed that it is not necessary to offer this perk or proposition to the lower level executives because majority of the upper level executives are self-motivated and they have the ability to lead others by example and this is all done naturally So in turn the VP of HR. believes that this new preposition is an complete waste of time. The junior executes that want to one day become Executives cannot be taught something that only their naturally. What are the Reasons?

The Vice president of human resources has definitely shown a dis-interest in the company offering advanced leadership training. The VP has stated that the company has been in business for over 50 years and the average growth rate is 12% per annum. So information has been provided that the company has been very successful in growth before this company has implemented these courses for the junior executives. Another reason that the VP felt this was not a good idea was from the research that was done out of Wikipedia that many successful leaders have been self-made and great at influencing others. It was then that the names of leaders that were self-driven and successful were listed. These people had posse these characteristics from the start and definitely were not need coached into any type of leadership roles by taking courses.

And a lot of the research was done through self-observation that most leaders are of tall stature this means of 6 feet or higher and was proven to be true with the executives that are working for the company right now. The only person that would object to this theory would be Ms. Forsythe’s because she is of shorter stature. In addition, the last reason would be that the director of… Ms. Forsythe just has a personal agenda to negate any ideas or thoughts that are brought upon By the VP of Hr. Which words or phrases are ambiguous?

Ambiguity means doubtful or uncertain especially from obscurity or indistinctness and or capable of being understood in two or more possible senses or ways. The VP definitely left me with doubt or uncertainty in my mind. He stated “Once we start sending some people for leadership training, we will start getting numerous requests for expensive training that we simply can’t afford. Regardless, if we spend our money on leadership development, we will not have enough to spend on recruitment. “This appeared to be ambiguous because he stated that the company had a growth rate of 12.5 percent without the program. So I don’t understand why they would not continue to grow at that time. They would have more qualified executives to help the company to profit in the upper level executive management.

Then he stated”There are plenty of people who are already leaders; we do not need to “train” those who are not. “ This shows me that the company could possibly use the program. I understand that they could at least try the program and it won’t hurt the company. Instead, Ms. Forsythe has a personal agenda to discredit me personally and push the theories of the Aspen Institute. As VP of Human Resources, I don’t think those theories are appropriate for the culture of CHCM. I thought this was ambiguous because it really does not suggest how she has a personal agenda of if the VP is really just not understanding Ms. Forsythe’s position in what she has stated or agued.

What are the Value and descriptive assumption?
The Value and descriptive assumption is noted that great executive leaders cannot be created they only can be self-driven. This is a value assumption because this has no evidence that successful executives cannot be developed by giving them leadership courses

Are there any fallacies in the reasoning?
The memo provided facts and observations to support the VP’s argument. However, the question is could they be considered factual findings or are the just based solely on the VP’s opinion. Soon after reading and analyzing the reasoning that the VP gave, I focused on what stood out to me and that was the statement that most successful leaders were tall above 6 feet tall. I look at the stats provided with the chart only to see that these were something that was just created for the memo and had no other true credibility. I believe this is a true fallacy. It is based upon someone’s own observation and if we based the way all companies ran and what they added to their company on solely opinion there would be very few successful business.

There was no true evidence from an actual study being done to hold this information to be true, so the backup was definitely lacking from this argument. It led me to think that this research was not done and that it did not match to support the conclusion that was given. By stating, that leadership was based upon height I would like to have seen this compared with other companies or schools findings to give me an unreasonable doubt. He also states that Ms. Foresthye had a personal agenda to discredit him. However, he never lists the examples to what she said or did to try to do this. So once again, I believe it is based solely on personal opinions and I am sure she, the next person, and I will definitely have a difference in opinion. It distorted my thoughts about the true motives of the proposers and ideas, when the focus should have been on the program, whether not it would be worth it, and if we can hold merit to what Ms. Foresthye stated. It led me to believe that the person proposed this idea for a personal agenda and not for the best of the company. In addition, if he believes that this was an actual true mannerism He should have provided more findings..

How good is the evidence?
….. Provided evidence to support his or her reasoning. Nevertheless, my next question that popped in my mind was this good enough to support the conclusion that was brought to the director about MS foresthye merit. The first answer that appeared in my head was not very convincing. I wanted more findings because there was not a lot of evidence from what was concluded. It was not strong enough or compelling enough to have me convinced that facts presented would hold weight to determine whether this company should invest in their future growth of executives . I believe that the sources of the evidence where minimal and it seemed a little made up from just their own personal opinions. I believe in the memo they used quotes from individuals that they found significant to the growth of becoming an executive. The only evidence that I found plausible within in this case is the fact that the company grows 12.5 percent annually.

Are there rival Causes?
Are the statistics deceptive?
The statistics were very deceptive. It was based purely on the observations of the naked eye. It was bias in an aspect and could be considered discriminatory. It was noted that the height had something to do with whether a person could become a strong executive. It also suggested that because the hierarchies of the company were tall except one that it would be a reasonable statistic. This was not studied across the border it was limited in some aspect to just this company when I’m sure that there are other companies in the same competitive market that could have been studied to show a variety in the validity of the statement presented .

This memo also shows the merit of Ms. Forsythe’s proposal that she proposed to establish, which s new leadership development program is for our junior insurance executives. It is mention in the memo that it Ms. foresthye put negated the VP , for ill will and a hidden agenda to do harm to the his job. The research and findings are merely based upon personal beliefs as well and it down talks another employee for doing something that is in the field of harassment or defamation of one’s character.

What significant information is omitted?
The most important factor would be growth of the company. The VP did not note or back his evidence and finding for what he felt to be true with any financial data. By having that data it would let me know where the company currently stands in a financial aspect and where they would be if this program was implemented. This would be very strong information because it show the main portion of how a company thrives in a very competitive market. This will allow other to see where the upcoming budget would stand and even maybe if they could implement the program but on a smaller scale. What reasonable conclusions are possible?

I believe that the author has come up with a very reasonable conclusion. However, it is understood that it is merely based on opinion, which were just visibly noted and not facts. There was not enough evidence to support his decision that eliminating the leadership program for the growth of the company would be beneficial. Which I cannot agree with I think that if he had shown financial that I would be able to support his suggestions and findings. The ideas and opinions that were produced seemed to be a bias towards another employee that maybe even considered at some point in time discriminatory. Therefore, I definitely would have him take an extra look at what he was saying against what he was trying to say.

All though he quoted some quotes from great people these are just their thoughts, nothing they have said I proven true. I believe that after reading his memo his evaluate the merit of Ms. Forsythe’s proposal that we establish and fund a new leadership development program for our junior insurance executives should have no weight in whether or not the program should continue to be created or be shut down.

I felt that the VP was very opposed to the programs. But it seemed to me that he was opposed to those reasons because of personal belief and bias. I think that if you truly want to negate a proposal you have to come hard with solid facts, opinions will just not suffice for a negotiation. We all have a duty as employees to have the best interest of the company in mind when we propose or negate things. With that being said, I believe that the VP’s memo had no merit or credibility for the company. I actually find the view about the most successful executives being very tall in stature over 6 feet very discriminatory. And if would have read this memo the VP would probably no longer be an employee of this company.

Source material must be documented in the body of the paper by citing the authors and dates of the sources. The full source citation will appear in the list of references that follows the body of the paper. When the names of the authors of a source are part of the formal structure of the sentence, the year of the publication appears in parenthesis following the identification of the authors, for example, Smith (2001). When the authors of a source are not part of the formal structure of the sentence, both the authors and years of publication appear in parentheses, separated by semicolons, for example (Smith and Jones, 2001; Anderson, Charles, & Johnson, 2003). When a source that has three, four, or five authors is cited, all authors are included the first time the source is cited.

When that source is cited again, the first author’s surname and “et al.” are used. See the example in the following paragraph. Use of this standard APA style “will result in a favorable impression on your instructor” (Smith, 2001). This was affirmed again in 2003 by Professor Anderson (Anderson, Charles & Johnson, 2003). When a source that has two authors is cited, both authors are cited every time. If there are six or more authors to be cited, use the first author’s surname and “et al.” the first and each subsequent time it is cited. When a direct quotation is used, always include the author, year, and page number as part of the citation.

Product and Services
The Great escape is a restaurant that will cater to a family’s needs. We will offer Breakfast lunch and dinner in a family friendly environment. All of the food provided will be provided in a very strict and sanitary way. Our goal is to provide a legendary service to each and every one of our patrons no matter if it’s their first or fifth time. The menu will be simple American dishes that the family can enjoy together or if you have the one child that will or can only eat certain items will also be able to enjoy! There will be daily specials provided. And those specials will not only cater to the adult it will be appealing to the youth as well. I have listed a sample menu in the appendix below: Our menu will be made up with simple traditional American food. These meals will only be prepared by certified culinary professionals.

All staff will be trained in the positions that they acquire to make sure that they provide the best quality service that is available I know the first thing you think is that why would a simple restaurant want culinary professionals. Well we also want to cater to those who have food allergies and only eat organic foods and also vegetarians. So families can substitute any of the following meals to accommodate any of the situations listed above. We also will provide the adults with a list of alcoholic beverages for the days they want to venture out without the kids just to have a lovely yet entertaining dinner without the family. We are hoping to have an more intimate setting for those adults who want fine dining, but choose to be away from the family setting for example anniversary dinners. We provide a fun filled atmosphere to sit in a dine with your family something to cater to all .

We will offer to the parents and or adults the opportunity to listen to live music and with this it will offer local bands musicians and poets the chance to be heard. The adults will be able to sit back enjoy a cocktail and still enjoy the families
company. Or if they prefer to venture out without the kids just to have a lovely yet entertaining dinner without the family. We are hoping to have an more intimate setting for those adults who want fine dining, but choose to be away from the family setting for example anniversary dinners, birthdays, etc. Then we have the young adults to children have the option to color or do puzzles on their menus this is universal in most restaurants, but in the Great Escape will give them some fun interaction as well by offering booth tables a small screen TV and remote with kid friendly TV trivia and some other games to keep the children calm while preparing their meals. Competitive edge

Our Competitive Edge is having safe family fun while being able to have a very flexible cuisine to cater to your needs. Most restaurants don’t offer many options for the family as a whole. We want to offer an experience like no other. We don’t want families to be upset and angry over wait times and the fact that the food was very distasting after that fact as well. Our atmosphere is very entertaining full of vibrant life. The scenery will definitely catch your eye. It definitely will make your kids and teens excited to go out and dine in! Competitors

There are many restaurants to compete with . But with my research none of them actually cater to family environment. I was told by a collegue who actually took the survey that we provided to get reallive data. Lucia Johnson stated that she is never eager to go out with her family of 6 she stated that her teenage daughters are always complaining because it took so long to get there food their bored and wished she would just simply go to Mc Donald’s or wendy’s . So below I have listed a few competitors who have listed as family and kid friendly restaurants. •Carmines

•Aria Pizzaria
•Old Glory BBQ
•Johnny Rockets
•Hard times café
•Generous George positive pizaa @pasta place
•Red robin
•Bugaboo Creek steak house
•Tgif Fridays
•Chucky cheese
•International house of pancakes

There are two competitors in particular that Nakia brown an surveyor thought stood out to her as being the closests to being family friendly were chucky cheese and TGIF Fridays. She stated that Chucky cheese is not very adult friendly it caters to the kids because after all of the tokens are done from the games the adults are left to watch the kids run and play.

Then also have another competitor. Which is TGIF Fridays they are now offering a Dj and TV trivia and it is centered around the bar and not very kid friendly as far as entertainment, it is more geared towards the more mature crowd. So she would definitely patronize our establishment if she could satisfied some of the wait time for her and her family.

It’s important to choose the right kind of restaurant when dining out with kids. If you are looking for a reasonably priced meal at a Washington, DC area restaurant that has good food and caters to kids, check out these restaurants.

Do you have a favorite restaurant to take the kids? You may share your suggestion by sending me an email at dc@aboutguide.com.

The Breakfast menu would Contain the following listed below: Omelettes
The Lunch menu will contain the following:
Create your own salads
Chicken tenders/nuggets
Hot dogs

The Dinner menu will contain:
Chicken/ wings

Browne, M. N., & Keeley, S.M. (2012). Asking the right questions: A guide to critical thinking, 10th edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall. Hill, L.A. (2004). New manager development for the 21st century. Academy of Management Executive, 18(3)


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