The French and Indian war

The French and Indian war was fought between 1754 and 1763 and was known in Europe as the Seven Years War. This war was fought in North America and it was between the British settlers and French settlers in North America who were fighting over the region known as Ohio River valley. Each of the white settlers wanted to possess the region as it would help in expanding the fur trade which both the French and Britons were involved in. The British side was led by George Washington who is also the one who initiated the war. Leadership was then taken over by General Edward Braddock who did not heed Washington’s advice and died from wounds sustained when they were attacked by French and native army on their way to attack the French. After losing many battles, new leaders took over and these were General James Wolfe and General Jeffrey Amherst.

On the French side, the leaders included Captain Louis Coulon de Villiers, Francois de Levis and General Louis Joseph.To win the war, each side applied strategies that would work in their favor. The major one involved formation of alliances with the natives. In fact, it is these alliances that helped France win its battles with the British for long. Even though both sides had formed alliances with the French and Briton settlers, the main reason why the natives were fighting in the war is that they wanted to prevent either of the sides from taking over their land.

            This war had its consequences. To begin with, it led to defeat of the French by the British after which the French gave up Canada and all its claims to India. The result was British control of North America. To protect its newly acquired territory, the British had to send more troops to North America and to finance this, American colonists were taxed heavily. The colonists were not happy with the British rule and this led to the American Revolution.



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